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 District Opera Lafayette - Metro : Saint-Lazare

 30 rue Joubert 75009 - Phone : +

» Residhome Paris Opera - District Opera Lafayette


operaThe first Opera of Paris took the name of his architect Charles Garnier. He dedicated himself to the building from 1862 till 1875.

The Opera! A sort of magic word, almost as much as this luxurious monument which shines on a very fashionable and lively district. The surroundings indeed mix the refinement of the French elegance and the effervescent activity of the Grands Boulevards. The Famous Garnier opera seems to dominate this small world.

La Madeleine
La Madeleine

For the Parisians, the Madeleine church is simply call "La Madeleine”.

The Madeleine church occupies an exceptional site: it dominates the Faubourg St Honoré street and the big boulevards and gave its name to this district of Paris. As a royal foundation, it was one of elements of the capital westward extension project in the middle of the 18th century and was conceived to prop up the perspective between Gabriel's two palaces of the Place de la Concorde.

Grand Boulevards
Les Grands Boulevards

Next to a stream of busy people, you can stroll, go out, and walk on the big boulevards. Entertainments, theaters ‘of Boulevard ‘, cinemas and stores make this place lively by day and by night.

The place is also famous for its wax museum, ‘The Musée Grévin ‘, with its baroque architecture includes a mirrored mirage room based on the principle of a ‘Catoptric Cistula’ and a theatre for magic shows. You will find also ‘Le Grand Rex’ an old and famous theatre for movies and concerts in Paris. It is well known for its room with 2,800 seats (the largest in Europe), its starry vault, its water spectacle and its Art Deco style architecture. It also features the largest screen in Europe, called ‘grand large’.


Paris had a leper-house which took the name of Saint-Lazare the Poor man (an allusion to the evangelic parabola of the bad rich) to fight this plague.

Saint-LazareEvery morning, the Saint-Lazare station feeds Paris with thousand suburbanites who get back home in the evening, and during the day the department stores of the district drain a considerable crowd in unceasing comings and goings.
Here, the tables outside cafes offer amusing observatories spots of this cosmopolitan and typically Parisian ant-hill. We are not in Paris any more! The streets surrounding the station Saint-Lazare are called: Vienna, Madrid, Rome, Amsterdam, London, Constantinople, St. Petersburg and Athens.

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